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If you are looking for DJ MO say in a jail, hospital or another country, you may not find me. Beside the Kikuyu Ballard singer Sammy Muraya, I also go by the same names though we have no relations whatsoever. Promise.But from the name, I coined my Dj name, Mo!

My combination of trust in God, my passion for music and DJing skills helped me to take on the challenge. I was first runners up…controversially. I was not always a DJ. My love for good music saw me do a short stint as a rapper and a street dancer.

I met DJ Nevz and through Spinrej I started working my way into the DJ I am today. With Spinrej I got gigs at Hope FM, HOT 96 and later the first DVJ on KTN’s Off tha Hook show.  I left Spinrej in 2009 to form SYSTEM UNIT.

2015, 2014, 2013 & 2010 DJ of the Year GROOVE AWARDS, 2011 USA DJ of the year, NTV DVJ Crossover 101 Sundays 10am-1pm, Password PLus daily weekdays 3pm-5pm), Capital Fm #thesound Sunday 8am-10am and System Unit Dj for life.

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University of Nairobi